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Abaqus Explicit

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Abaqus Explicit
Solver of finite elements of explicit scheme, particularly suited for high-speed dynamics and severe non-linearity.

Abaqus/Explicit is a product for the analysis of finite elements recommended to simulate dynamic transitory events, such as a car crash impact or a ballistic impact. Abaqus/Explicit capacity to efficiently handle severe non-lineal behavior, such as contact, makes it very attractive for simulation of quasi-static events such as hot rolling, forging, crack propagation, etc. Abaqus/Explicit is designed for production environments. Then, user-friendliness, reliability and efficiency are key elements in its design. Abaqus/Explicit is supported within the modelling environment of Abaqus/CAE, common for all the pre and post necessary processings.

Abaqus offers a wide range of multiphysics including thermo-electrical, acoustic-structural and porous elastic couplings. Abaqus also allows co-simulation both with Abaqus standard/explicit/CFD and also with third-party products.

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