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Abaqus Standard

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Finite elements solver of explicit scheme for static and dynamic, linear, non-linear, thermal, mechanic, and many more problems.

Abaqus/Standard uses a technological solution, ideal for dynamic, static and low-speed events for solutions of stress analysis, in which precision is of utmost importance. The following are examples of possible applications: sealing pressure in a joint under pressure, a tire tread, the spread of cracks in the fuselage of a plane.

Within only one simulation, it is possible to analyze a model in both time and frequency domain. For instance, users can perform a linear perturbation analysis for natural frequency extraction and then perform a non-linear simulation for plastic deformation after extreme low path and again perform a frequency step over the deformed configuration.

The results in any point within a step of Abaqus/Standard can be used as the starting conditions for the continuation in Abaqus/Explicit. In the same way, an analysis starting in Abaqus/Explicit can be continued in Abaqus/Standard.

The flexibility offered by this integration allows Abaqus/Standard to be applied to initial conditions or low velocity problem setup and then Abaqus/Explicit performs high transient simulation like impact or unstable crack propagation.

Abaqus offers a wide range of physical abilities including thermo-electric, acoustic-structural, and the interaction of fluid mechanics pores. Abaqus also allows co-simulation, which allows users of both Abaqus / CFD and CFD commercial software to make analyses of fluid-structure interactions.

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